Crab Stuffed Hush Puppies with Horse Radish Cocktail Sauce #RecipeRedux

Need a little spice in your life?  Me too. I can't help you with your love scene but I can offer up some tantalizing, lip smacking good finger foods with a kick. These bite size crab stuffed hush puppies are perfect with a drop or three of sirachi or your favorite hot sauce. I happen to love these babies sitting next to a piping hot bowl of chile con carne. Of course Manhattan Red Chowder would pair equally well..... as well as an ice cold cerveza!  

This month at Recipe Redux we are all about spicing things up in the kitchen! Everyone has pulled together their favorite dishes using all sorts of spices from chile powder to smoked paprika and an assortment of smoked delectables like smoked fish, smokey sauces and mouthwatering side dishes.


Three Cheese Pie with Leeks, Mushrooms and Spring Peas

I wanted to call this an Eggless, Three Cheese Quiche but my 5 year old daughter who is my editor in training adamantly insisted I "call it what it is, a Three Cheese Pie!" Which by the way, she "liked almost a lot but not as much as tacos." Back to the drawing board.


Pozole Rojo #SundaySupper

This classic south western soup hails from Mexico and is exploding with all of the traditional flavors and spices you would find there. When the weather is frigid and gloomy during the winter months I can't get my hands on a piping hot bowl of spicy pozole quick enough. 


Sweet Corn and Green Chile Chicken Tamale Pie #SundaySupper

Let's be honest. Not many foods can cure the blues or comfort the soul like a good, home made casserole from mom's kitchen. O.K., you're right, maybe a hot bowl of soup will do the trick but a hearty casserole cooked from scratch does it every. single. time. The best part is, casseroles are  simple, frugal and family friendly. Win - Win!

This week on Sunday Supper we are all sharing our favorite casseroles straight from our kitchens. From breakfast casseroles to our classic ones you remember as a child to oh-so-sweet ones you never knew you couldn't live without! My talented friends have compiled a list of delicious casseroles to get you through those last few months of winter frost.


Pear and Gorgonzola Salad with Winter Citrus Vinaigrette and a $100 Giveaway from Lucerne

So here we are.  It's that time of year where some of us  (I won't mention any names.... sniff sniff) are feeling a little full around the midsection. Which means many of us (sighhh)  will be looking to lighten up our grazing habits a wee bit.

I for one can not zip up my favorite skinny jeans and just received a very unsettling photo that I was tagged in on Facebook where I resembled the Marshmallow State Puff Man a little to closely.

Un. cool.


Orange Beef, Shitake and Broccoli Stir Fry with Candied Oranges

This recipe is not only simple and super fast to make but totally legit (my teenager would die if I used that term in public...... or is it back in style?).  Frozen dinners and take out have nothing on this Chinese classic. Aside from slicing the meat against the grain (a feat I was always a bit wary of as a not so often meat eater) and chopping a few veggies, there is nothing complicated or time consuming to this dinner making it a perfect weekday meal. Serve on top of rice if you please and the whole family is happy.


Stuffed Aubergines {Baby Eggplant} in Coconut Curry Sauce

This sauce is so thick and creamy and slightly sweet you'll want to slurp up every last drop and then lick the bowl clean. I'm not ashamed.....  


Hot and Sour Soup with Shrimp

Nothing makes you feel better on a cold and crummy day than a bowl of piping hot soup. O.K. maybe a hug helps too, but soup is the best. Take this hot and sour soup for instance, tons of good for you veggies and a sweet and tangy broth you'll want to slurp up every last drop of. 


Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream with Gingersnap Crust Sprinkles

This simple and healthy ice cream is dairy free, super low in sugar and takes about 2 minutes to blend up ~ no churner needed. It is completely adaptable to your tastes by adding extras of your choice, chocolate chunk pumpkin ice cream anyone???


Butternut Squash and Chickpea Curry

This simple, vegetarian green curry is healthy, delicious and has just the right amount of spices to warm your body up. It's mild and slightly sweet taste makes this a family favorite.

It's been so hard for me to be indoors, especially sitting at a computer lately. The weather has finally cooled down to the 60's in the mornings and evenings (still in the 90's during the day) here in Phoenix and this is the time of year most of us Zonies are active outdoors. Hiking, biking, going to the park and Fall baseball for the boys which has been taking up most of my evenings.  So forgive my lack of posting more than once a week because if I'm not doing one of the aforementioned activities your sure to find me sitting on a patio somewhere sipping on a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. 

I hope that doesn't get a big, virtual snowball thrown at me from my Canadian or East coast friends!


Simply Healthy Family's Favorite Fall Recipe Roundup {say that 10 timesfast!}

Here's what's happening right now. I decided to stop blogging because

a.)   I keep comparing myself to other bloggers even though I firmly believe in not comparing myself to anyone, ever and therefor am making myself depressed, crazy and then just plain pissed followed by a general annoyance for no good reason. (I do however believe in random, run-on-sentences) and

b.)   I've become overwhelmingly consumed by guilt from spending too much time on the computer editing, writing and researching for my blog and not enough time with my children. No matter how many times I tell myself that a little bit of "me time" is a good thing I still feel guilty every time I'm sitting here and the kids are running around the house like banshees.

Then,  I had a day off, the weather dropped  20+ degrees into down right awesome here in Phoenix, I had a nap, then a glass or two of wine and  got over myself.  Onward and upward,  all things in moderation et cetera, et cetera.......

Lastly and coincidently, my 3 younger children have been playing very nicely together for 4 hours straight. No one is under the influence of medication or bribery, no one has incidentally knocked out someones tooth and no one has cried, died or gotten on anyone's nerves for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT.  I'm going to go with my positive self and not think about the calm before the storm that will hit full force right around bedtime. Happy thoughts.

So in an effort to remind myself why I do what I do in this silly blogging world I compiled my very favorite Fall Foods to share with you. I usually don't do 'round ups' but looking through my favorite recipes and flavors, Fall is always on the top of the list. Every time.

I hope you stick with me and more importantly have tried or at least saved a recipe or two from my humble little place here. Any thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated. What would you like to see more of here at Simply Healthy Family? What are your favorite Fall foods? Do you ever experience "Mom Guilt"? How do you cope?

Fall Favorites from Simply Healthy Family
for football parties, fall picnics and fire pit gatherings. 


Ethiopian Ground Nut Wat (Stew) #RecipeRedux

While I'm a big fan of Mexican food and the spices and flavors that go with it I also love trying new flavors and foods from all parts of the World. You definitely will get out of your 'comfort zone' of cooking with this very flavorful stew from Ethiopia. Roasted veggies are slowly simmered in a thick and creamy sauce of almond butter and 'exotic' yet not hard to find spices. In fact, you probably already have most of them somewhere in the back of your spice cabinet!

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